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 What we are at present  


At present, we can produce one category with one technology, that is produce the abrasion resistant coating on parts with induction reflow after metal powder spraying. There is a complete set of production line for spraying and induction reflow process in our factory with a sound system of test and inspection, as well as an efficient management team to meet your requirements. Metal powder spraying and induction reflow is our core technology. Approach roll (or roller apron) of bar cooling bed is our key product. We can offer more abrasion resistant parts of roller, plate and sleeve. Striving in the market, we realize that the anchor point for an enterprise is to be capable of offering unique product or service to the customers and reach a win-win agreement,where innovation dominates and development survives. Above all, pragmatism is the foundation. If you wish a better resistance to abrasion occurred on the parts of production equipment under high temperature, impact and oxidation etc., especially better red hardness and fatigue abrasion-proof, why not try the abrasion resistant parts processed by induction reflow after hot-spraying on metal surface, you may get the unexpected reward.


 What we will be from now on  


We are working hard to be the developer and producer of all kinds of abrasion resistant products. We are doing well with our key product of approach roll of bar cooling bed, while going to offer constantly better resistance to abrasion of other products to meet customers’ higher requirements precisely on that. We are going to prolong the service life of approach roll of bar cooling bed to the average of 10 months, when the on-line use will not cause the abrasion beyond 1.5mm in depth. We are going to highlight our core technology of hot-spraying and induction reflow on plate and bore wall to make more applicable abrasion resistant coating of higher requirements.

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