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Approach roll of cooling bed (apron roller)


The spraying and induction reflow technology is most applicable to coating on cylindrical work piece of roller, shaft etc. The approach roll of bar cooling bed is the most severely abraded work piece on the bar production line, which needs prompt solution to prolonging service life. Our approach roll of cooling bed (apron roller) produced by spraying-reflow is the replacement for older generations. It has a service life of 8-12 months with superior red hardness and fatigue abrasion resistance and a striking good effect has been brought about by use of it in several enterprises, such as Jiangyin XingCheng Special Steel Works, Daye Special Steel, Heilongjiang Jianlong iron and steel etc. It is our patented product (with the patent no. ZL201120252778.3), please refer to the Credentials and licenses column in Company profile for patent certificate copy.

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