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Rollers (sleeves) produced of several kinds


This catalogue shows rollers (sleeves) of several kinds produced to order for bar mill line. Our technology of metal powder spraying and reflow is the best approach to anti-friction coating of high hardness on cylinders. From the roller sleeve with wall of several mm in thickness to roller of complex structure, we can do smoothly and with ease.




----Roller sleeves with induction- reflowed coating of abrasion resistance

The pictures show the steel sleeves for partially abraded long rollers. This solution to abrasion has cut down the cost of spare parts considerably.



----Mill roll with induction-reflowed coating of abrasion resistance

Besides the approach roll of bar cooling bed (also as apron roll), all the rolls of bar mill line, including vertical rollers can adopt the induction reflow technology which can prolong the service life of even one year by three years.


----Various kinds of products with reflowed abrasion resistant coating

The bar mill line shall surely benefit considerably from our various models of multi-purpose products with spray-reflowed coating of abrasion resistance.


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