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1、Deposit welding of alloy



2、Metal powder spraying


3、Flame reflow 



4、Induction reflow


Thechnology of deposit welding:

Surface deposit welding is still widely in use. However, the surface hardness acquired thereby is determined by the hardness of electrode and wire, which if they are overly hard will never be transported and kept safe, and their performance for deposit welding will decay along with the increase of hardness. Furthermore, peeling-off, and cracking are inevitable in such circumstances, hence limit the application to some extant.


Metal powder hot-spraying technology:

The hard metal powder has no limit for its application, especially the tungsten carbide kind, which can be hot-sprayed to create an abrasion resistant coating of ultra-hardness. However, hot-sprayed coating intends to be of aliquation, crack, and peel off because of the non-metallurgical bond between the hot-sprayed coating and the ground, and it cannot be used as impact resistant surface, let alone through transformation for further application.


Reflow technology:

The reflow is to both form a metallurgical bond between coating and ground and densify the metallographic structure of the coating as well as make a large hard solid phase. The reflow technology in China, however, almost adopts flame reflow as a whole, which is of a high cost with low efficiency and causes the overburnt antifriction coating and decarburizing oxidization, hence has a very limited application.


Induction reflow technology:

The surface temperature of the workpiece rises instantaneously through medium-high frequency inductor coil to complete the post-spraying reflow process which produces the abrasion resistant coating of the most desirable ones under the working condition of dynamic, high temperature, impact and oxidation, and of both unity and complexity.


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