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Performances of abrasion resistant coating produced by induction reflow


The coatings with optimum practicability and economy are achieved by rationalized designs of coating structures for various demands for hardness to the maximum of HRC70.                                                           


Extremely high production efficiency, stable surface quality and remarkably low defective index reduce the application cost to the considerably low degree and promote decisively the abrasion resistant coating treated by reflow to the vast range.


The quality of the abrasion resistant coating produced by induction reflow corresponds with the technical performances of reflow treatment, thus its red hardness to the utmost makes an outstanding abrasion resistance under high temperature.


The induction reflow causes the coating to be melted in a short time, and the antifriction alloy texture to be densified with a solid phase and of overall hardening, thus it has a kind of fatigue abrasion resistance to the utmost.


The induction reflow completely avoids cracking, aliquation, peeling etc of the coating, besides, it makes an optimum abrasion resistant coating for the working condition of impact and vibration because of the homogeneous and firm bond of metallurgical form between the antifriction coating and the ground.


As to the various kinds of shafts of which the surface should be resistant to wear, the induction reflow affects little the core, due to the controlled reflow heating on superficial layer, and produces an antifriction case of intense hardness as well as keeps the overall mechanical performances of the core in normal practice.


The antifriction coating through induction reflow has a secure bond to the ground and provides by reprocessing for further application, thus it has been proved to be one of the most important technological advantages of metallikon and induction reflow.


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