Beijing Ganglian Taihe Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd is specially engaged in production, sales, research and development of surface-hardening treatment. The company has its core technology of metal powder spraying on surface and induction reflow and has developed the series of abrasion resistant coating with performances of excellent refractory, oxidation-proof and shock resistance, which are widely used in industries of metallurgy, power, petroleum and cement.

By many years’ research and experience on complete plants supply in metallurgical industry, the company has accumulated thorough knowledge of metallurgical equipment and products. Benefiting from the industrial upgrading reform promoted by the Twelfth Five-year Plan, it serves the metallurgical and mechinofacturing industries with its products of its own proprietary intellectual rights, carrying out the technological innovation as a development breakthrough.

Beijing Ganglian Taihe Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd insists on the hard products and facts which speak for themselves. We have a complete set of production line for spraying and induction reflow process in our factory with a sound system of test and inspection, as well as an efficient management team to meet your requirements. Your cooperation and interchange will always be warmly embraced.

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